10% Off Target Gift Cards, Stack with Black Friday Promotion

On Sunday, December 2nd, you can purchase up to $300 in Target gift cards 10% off at Target.com. If you shop at Target often, saving 10% is twice what you save with your REDcard.

You can’t use a Target REDcard to save on Target gift cards so you’ll want to use another rewards card for maximum savings. You’ll be able to use the gift cards on the following day, December 3rd. But, you can save even more…

Stack with Black Friday Deal

You can stack this with the Black Friday deal. Remember when we suggested buying a $50 Disney gift card to get the 20% off coupon? That coupon is good from 11/27 to 12/8. Since you’ll have the discounted gift cards available to you on December 3rd, you could use them by December 8th with your 20% Off Black Friday coupon for nearly a 30% discount on your Target purchases.

Disney Related

Unfortunately, you can’t use Target gift cards to purchase Disney gift cards anymore. They shut that down. But, Target sells tons of Disney stuff that could help make your vacation more magical.