10x Chase Ultimate Rewards on Disney Gift Cards

There is a very exciting opportunity in the pursuit of discounted Disney gift cards. Through August 31st, Chase Pay is offering 10x Chase Ultimate Rewards at Walmart.com up to $250 per credit card. Plus, if you purchase Walmart gift cards, you can use them to buy Disney gift cards at Sam’s Club.

In this post we’ll walk you step-by-step how you could:

  • Purchase Walmart gift cards at Walmart.com
  • Earn 10 Chase Ultimate Rewards per dollar spent
  • Buy Disney gift cards at Sam’s Club at a 4% discount

In total, you’ll save 4% on the gift cards and earn points worth as much as 20% on every dollar spent.

10x Chase Ultimate Rewards at Walmart.com Using Chase Pay

Chase Pay is a quick and easy way to pay for stuff without the need to have your credit card with you. Your credit card information is stored in the system, so when you use Chase Pay, you don’t have to swipe your card or type in the numbers. The most popular way to use Chase Pay is through the app on your smart phone. However, you can also use it online during check out on some retailers’ websites like Walmart.com.

The Deal

Between now and August 31st, you can earn 10x Chase Ultimate Rewards at Walmart.com (online only) when you use Chase Pay. This is capped at $250 spent per credit card.

Eligible Credit Cards

There are multiple websites for this offer listing the various Chase cards you can use. The eligible credit cards include: Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, Sapphire, Sapphire Preferred, or Sapphire Reserve. If you have any of these cards, you are eligible and there is no sign up required for this promotion. Also, if you have multiple of these cards, you are eligible for up to $250 spent on each card. However, authorized users would not count as a second card.

Step by Step Instructions

Here are the step by step instructions to save with this deal:

Step 1: Download Chase Pay App

If you don’t already have the Chase Pay app, start by downloading it to your smart phone. When you open the app, it will walk you through a basic set up which includes the same log in as your Chase.com account.

Step 2: Shop at Walmart.com

You can purchase up to $250 per credit card for all kinds of merchandise at Walmart.com. While we’re highlighting a way to save on Disney gift cards, you could purchase anything.

Find the $250 Walmart gift cards. We recommend purchasing the plastic gift cards rather than e-gift cards because Walmart is known to cancel online gift card orders. Purchases of plastic gift cards seem to go through more often without a problem.

Step 3: Chase Pay at Checkout

When you check out and get to payment options, Chase Pay is not immediately obvious. First, you need to click the +More button.

Then, you can select the Chase Pay option where you’ll log in using your Chase.com log-in information.

Warning: Our first attempt got cancelled by the fraud group at Chase. Because we had never used Chase Pay before, it must have triggered a red flag. They called 20 minutes later and I was able to complete my purchase.

Step 4: Purchase Disney Gift Cards at Sam’s Club

You can use Walmart gift cards at Sam’s Club to purchase Disney gift cards. You can do this both online or in-store. If you purchase Disney gift cards online, you can use a maximum of four Walmart gift cards per transaction.

Sam’s sells $500 Disney gift cards online for $479.98 with a $0.99 shipping fee. They only allow one of these per order. They also sell a 3-pack of $50 Disney gift cards for $142.98 plus a $0.99 shipping fee. You can purchase up to five of these 3-packs.

However, in-store there are fewer restrictions. You can usually buy as many Disney gift cards as you want and use as many Walmart gift cards as you want. The only exceptions come with store clerks who sometimes impose their own seemingly random rules.

Step 5: Use Your Chase Ultimate Rewards

We wanted to test this first before we posted about it. Here’s a screenshot of the 2,500 Chase Ultimate Rewards we earned purchasing a $250 Walmart gift card with our Chase Sapphire Reserve. Now, we plan to do this with our other Chase Ultimate Rewards credit cards.

There are many great ways to use Chase Ultimate Rewards. You can transfer them to Hyatt or Southwest Airlines. You can also use them to book a Disney Vacation Package. We’ve outline many of these strategies on our Top 10 pages.


We mentioned our initial attempt got cancelled by the Chase fraud department because we had never used Chase Pay before. Also, orders placed online for Walmart gift cards are known for being cancelled by Walmart. There’s not a clear reason for it, but we had a couple orders cancelled when we purchased them as part of a recent Amex Offer. The best advice we can give to avoid this happening is to spread your purchases out over multiple days if you’re going to use multiple Chase cards. We’ve also heard that plastic gift cards have a higher success rate than e-gift cards.

But, if you have an order cancelled, don’t panic, it’s sadly normal. You can call Walmart and get it straightened out, but it can be a bit of a pain.