10X Points on Disney Hotels with Capital One

Earn 10 points per dollar when you book your room at Hotels.com/Venture and pay with a Capital One Venture or VentureOne card. This is 10% of your purchase in the form of points, a HUGE bonus. Plus, you can still earn Hotels.com Rewards, worth an additional 10% on average. This is a great way to save on your Disney hotel.

Capital One Venture & VentureOne

These cards earn miles which can be redeemed for travel. The Venture card, with a $95 annual fee, earns two miles per dollar spent on all purchases (except for this promotion). The VentureOne, with no annual fee, earns 1.25 miles on all purchases. These miles are worth one cent each when you redeem them for travel. Again, 10 points per dollar on this new promotion means you’re earning 10% back.

Disney Hotels

You can book Disney properties at Hotels.com/Venture, usually at the same rate you’d book through Disney’s website. It’s always smart to compare the rates, but our test bookings came out the same or within 50 cents of each other.

Sample booking of All-Star Movies on the Disney World website.

Sample booking at All-Star Movies at Hotels.com/Venture

Redeeming Points at Disney

You’re going to earn a ton of points booking your Disney hotel. In order to redeem those points, you need to have an eligible travel purchase. Park tickets can be purchased through a broker and it will typically show up as a travel purchase. Most people use Undercover Tourist for Disney World and aRes Travel for Disneyland.

You can also charge your food and souvenirs back to your Disney hotel. When you pay with your Venture or VentureOne card at check out, it will show up on your statement as a charge from the hotel, an eligible travel purchase.

How Does This Offer Stack Up

If you’re patient, you can buy Hotels.com gift cards at a 10% to 20% discount. The difference here is that you don’t have to wait for a sale on Hotels.com gift cards, you can take advantage of this offer when you’re ready.

Similarly, you can get Disney gift cards 5% to 15% discount on a pretty regular basis. That’s not quite as good as the 10% from Capital One plus the 10% in potential Hotels.com Rewards, but it’s sometimes nice to know your room is booked through Disney in case something goes wrong with your reservation.


This offer is running through January 31, 2020… two years. You must book at Hotels.com/Venture. You must pay for the room at the time of the booking and it must be with a US-issued Venture or VentureOne card. You can find an FAQ with the rest of the terms HERE.