12.5% Off Disney Gift Cards with Swagbucks Strategy

This is our favorite way to save on Disney gift cards right now! The Swagbucks Strategy at Best Buy is a great way to save 12.5% (or more) on Disney gift cards.

UPDATE: This offer has been a little glitchy in recent weeks, not paying out across the board as it had in the past. We would advise holding off on this strategy for now.

Here’s how it works: You purchase a $100 Disney gift card at Best Buy with your Swagbucks account, Best Buy Rewards number, and credit card. You’ll earn at least 12.5% in rewards.

Here’s What You Get

  • 950 Swagbucks: Swagbucks is offering two Swagbucks per dollar at Best Buy plus a 750 point bonus on in-store purchases of $100 or more. That’s a total of 950 Swagbucks worth $9.50. You can redeem Swagbucks for gift cards to places like Amazon, PayPal, Best Buy and many more.
  • Credit Card Rewards: A good cash back card will earn you 2% back.
  • 1%-2.5% Best Buy Rewards: You’ll also earn Best Buy Rewards which can be used for store merchandise.

Step by Step

Step 1: Sign Up for Swagbucks & Best Buy

If you don’t have a Swagbucks or Best Buy account, sign up first. You’ll need them to get the points. Here’s our Swagbucks referral link. (It would be awesome if you use it.)

Step 2: Pick Up One $100 Disney Gift Cards at Best Buy

The Swagbucks bonus is for spending $100 in-store, but only one per day.

Step 3: Give Your Best Buy Rewards Number

When you hand the clerk your $100 Disney gift card, they’ll ask you if you have a Best Buy Rewards number. It’s easiest to just give them the phone number tied to the account.

Step 4: Scan Your Swagbucks QR Code

Let the clerk know you have another rewards program you need to scan as well. If you haven’t used the QR Code in the Swagbucks App before, here are step-by-step instructions on where to find it.

Click, “Get Code” and a QR code like in the picture will pop up. Show it to the clerk on your phone and they’ll scan it. There’s a refresh icon you can hit to get a new QR code for each transaction.

Step 5: Pay with Credit Card


The Swagbucks portion specifically says gift cards are not eligible for the bonus. However, it is universally working. If that ever changes, we’ll let you know.

Extra Bonus

Each month, Swagbucks will let you purchase a $25 gift card for 2,200 Swagbucks, a $3 discount. This is one more simple way to save.


For each $100 Disney gift card, you’re earning $9.50 in Swagbucks, around $2 credit card rewards, and another $1.00 to $2.50 in Best Buy Rewards. That’s at least 12.5%.