16% Off Disney Gift Cards

We’ve got a great one today in our series on strategies for getting discounted Disney gift cards. If you want follow this series, you can find all the posts on discounted Disney gift cards HERE.

UPDATE: This offer has expired, but you can find all the best current offers on discounted Disney gift cards HERE.

We will be using the Discover it Cash Card to purchase Disney gift cards at Sam’s Club. The Discover it Cash Card earns up to 10% back. This makes it a great way to get discounted Disney gift cards. Also Sam’s Club sells Disney gift cards at a discount of nearly 5%. The combination of these discounts really adds up. After we purchase the gift cards, we’ll set up a Disney Vacation Account, which can earn additional gift cards. We’re going to end up with $1,020 in Disney gift cards for $856.74, a 16% discount.

Discover it Cash

Discover offers a cash back card that gives 5% back on up to $1,500 spent in rotating bonus categories each quarter. You get 1% back on all other purchases. Most importantly, Discover doubles ALL cash back at the end of the first year for new card members. In those bonus categories you’re effectively getting 10% back, 5% now and 5% at the end of your first year.


You can read more about this no annual fee card in our Discover it Cash Card Review. If you decide to apply for this card, you get a $50 sign up bonus when you use one of our application links.


Sam’s Club

Amazon, Department Stores, and Sam’s Club are the category bonuses with the Discover card for the fourth quarter this year, October through December. These are some great opportunities to earn 10% back on your holiday shopping. Sam’s Club is the best option for discounted Disney gift cards. They sell $500 Disney gift cards online for $474.98 with a $0.99 shipping fee.

Discounted Disney Gift Cards at Sam's Club

You must be a Sam’s Club member to purchase these gift cards. The cost to join is $45 and you can include it . If you’re not a member, you could actually pay the $45 to join at check out and still save.

In our example, we want to purchase $1,000 in Disney gift cards at Sam’s Club using our Discover it Cash card. The total price from Sam’s Club will be $951.94, a savings of $48.06. Then we’ll get the Discover cash back, 5% immediately and another 5% back at the end of the year. That will save us another $95.20. We’ll effectively be paying $856.75 for $1,000 of gift cards.

Note: As of this writing, Sam’s Club has listed $500 gift cards as being out of stock for a couple weeks. We emailed them and they tell us they’ll be back in stock soon. But, they sell a 3-pack of $50 Disney gift cards that are also discounted and will save you nearly as much as our example.

Disney Vacation Account

The Disney Vacation Account is a free tool to help you save for a Disney vacation. You can set up automatic transfers into the account, track your progress, and more. You can even use it to consolidate your gift cards, a great tool for this example.

For every $1,000 you spend on a Disney vacation through your DVA account, Disney will send you a $20 gift card. Spend $2,000 and you’ll get $40 in Disney gift cards. To receive the gift card, you need to have an active account for 120 days before you spend the money. Also, it will take them 4-6 weeks to mail your gift cards according to the website. We’ve personally used the DVA, and with a little bit of planning, we found it to be a great tool.

If you want to learn more, you can read our full Disney Vacation Account Review.

Discounted Disney Gift Cards Summary

Gift Cards Purchased at Sam’s Club $1,000
Gift Card Bonus – DVA $20
Total Disney Gift Cards Gained $1,020


Savings from Sam’s Club $48.06
Initial Discover 5% Cash Back $47.60
Cash Back Bonus at End of Year 1 $47.60
Free $20 Gift Card $20
Total Saved on Disney Gift Cards $163.26

In total, we paid $856.74 after Sam’s Club discounts and cash back bonuses for $1,020 in Disney gift cards. effectively saving $163.26 or 16%.

Check out our Disney Gift Cards page for more great strategies.

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Discover it Cash Card

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