4 More Gift Cards You Should Pick Up for Disney

So, you’re stopping off at Best Buy once a week to buy Disney gift cards with the Swagbucks deal. Or, maybe you’re picking them up at Walgreens with your Chase Freedom. Maybe even the grand daddy of all discounts, the Target Redcard. However you’re saving on Disney gift cards, you might as well save on a few others while you’re at it.

Everywhere we buy discounted Disney gift cards, we tend to see four other cards that can easily help you save on your Disney vacation. They are Southwest Airlines, Hotels.com, Uber, and Starbucks.

Southwest Airlines – Southwest allows you to use three gift cards per passenger when you book tickets. When you save 10%-15% on Southwest gift cards, the savings can start adding up for your family’s flights.

Hotels.com – They’ll give you the ability to book Disney as well as off-property hotels at a discount. But, you’ll also earn Hotels.com Rewards. For every 10 nights you stay, you earn a free night. It’s basically another 10% off.

Uber – You’ve got dinner reservations at another resort. You don’t want to take a bus to a park and then transfer to your resort. There goes an hour. Instead, spend $10 and take an Uber. You’ll be glad you did.

P.S. We’d rather use Lyft and take Minnie’s Van Service, but those gift cards are harder to find.

Starbucks – We have four ways to brew coffee at home. As one of the four main food groups in our house we’re not about to mess around when it comes to vacation. But, a couple latte’s and croissants (because it’s vacation) can set you back $15 a day. Save yourself some money when you save on Starbucks gift cards.

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