4 Tips for Getting the Best Photos at Disney

For the amount of money you’ll spend on your Disney vacation, you want the absolute best photos possible. Sure, you might pay for PhotoPass, but those photographers aren’t everywhere. Here are 4 tips for getting the best photos at Disney. These will help make sure you come back from your Disney vacation with lifelong memories.

1) The Golden Hour

We’ve all taken those pictures at a theme park in the middle of the day where everyone is squinting because the sun is in their eyes. Or, everyone turns sideways to avoid the sun and now you have shadows on everyone’s faces. Or, everyone is wearing sunglasses so you don’t really get a shot of people’s faces. There are so many ways for the sun to mess up your Disney photos.

The golden hour is the time just after sunrise or just before sunset. The sun is giving a softer light and it’s not creating shadows or in anyone’s eyes. Plan a break for this time of day and get some of those perfect shots in front of the castle.

2) Breakfast Before the Park Opens

Yes, this is an old Instagram photo with a weird filter. But, we use it as an illustration of the kinds of photos you can get before the park opens. Get an early morning breakfast reservation. You’ll get a chance to enter the park before anyone else and get that perfect photo with no one else in sight. We love Cinderella’s Royal Table, but there are lots of great options.

3) Disney Visa Character Meet & Greet

Don’t want to pay for PhotoPass or Memory Maker? If you have a Disney Visa, even the no annual fee card, you can get free photos with characters. They have special locations just for those with the Disney Visa card. You’ll even get the photos for free. We’ve got all the details for you HERE.

4) Camera Phone Lenses

We’ve all tried to take a picture with our group at a theme park and had people walk in front of the photographer. It’s hard to avoid when the parks are crowded. We hate lugging around a big camera, so we use a camera lens by Moment for our phones. The wide angle lens pictured lets you get much closer to your subject and still get them in frame. Plus, camera phones are getting so good, unless you’re a professional photographer, you can do just as well with many phone cameras.