4th Quarter: New Category Bonus Reminder

At the start of each quarter on the calendar, we have to remind each other in our house which credit cards to use for which purchases. We carry both the Discover it Cash and the Chase Freedom. Both have fantastic category bonuses, but both rotate each quarter. Since we had this conversation at home this morning, we thought we’d write up a reminder for you as well.

Discover it Cash

First, if you haven’t already, activate your category bonus. You’ll earn 5% cash back at Amazon and Target from October 1st through December 31st. Plus, if you’re a new card member this year, all your cash back will get doubled at the end of your first year. This would be a fantastic way to 10% cash back on purchases.

Don’t have this card? You’ll get a $50 sign up bonus if you use our referral link.

Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom has solid category bonuses as well this quarter. Walmart is great for everyday purchases and department stores are helpful during the holiday season. We use 5X Chase Ultimate Rewards up to $1,500 spent as part of our Chase Ultimate Rewards Strategy for Disney vacations.

Make sure you activate the category bonus. If you’re thinking about getting this card, we’d appreciate you using our referral link. You’ll earn 15,000 points after spending $500 in the first three months. You’ll get another 2,500 points if you add an authorized user.

Using for Disney Vacations

Discover it Cash

Because Discover doubles all your cash back in the first year, you end up earning 10% cash back in the bonus categories and 2% in everything else. That ends up being a lot of cash back. We earned just over $2,000 in our first year with this card.

We use our cash back from this card to purchase discounted Disney gift cards using the strategies we discuss on this site. It’s a great way to turn the cash back we earned into even more cash (or savings).

Chase Freedom

The Chase Ultimate Rewards we earn with our Freedom card get transferred directly to our Chase Sapphire Reserve (Chase Sapphire Preferred is a great alternative). In most cases, these points get used for one of three things. 1) We use them to purchase a Disney vacation package (at a value of 1.5 cents per point). 2) We transfer them to Hyatt and use them for hotel stays on our Disney vacations (a value of about 2 cents each). 3) We transfer them to Southwest airlines for our flights (a value of about 1.6 cents each).

Whichever card you use (or maybe both), they’ve both got great ways to earn points or cash during the 4th quarter this year.