5 Ways to Book Disney Flights with Chase Ultimate Rewards

I love Chase Ultimate Rewards for our Disney vacations. It’s easy to earn lots of points and there are plenty of ways to spend them. In this post, I’ll cover five ways to book Disney flights with Chase Ultimate Rewards. I’ll start with my favorite and work my way down.

First, Some Basics

If you’re new to Chase Ultimate Rewards, you can find a detailed explanation in our Chase Ultimate Rewards Strategy post. But, here’s the basics: We recommend starting with a Chase Sapphire Preferred card. It has a huge sign up bonus and the ability to transfer your points 1:1 to 13 different travel partners (like the ones listed below). You can also book travel directly through Chase for some good deals.

1) Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is one of 13 transfer partners for Chase Ultimate Rewards. I rank this as my favorite way to book Disney flights with Chase Ultimate Rewards because Southwest ties the cost in points directly to the cash cost of the flight. If a flight is cheap, it will be cheap on points. And, you’ll get good value out of your points; they’re worth consistently about 1.5 cents each (above average compared to other airlines).

A real example of a Southwest flight cost and it’s corresponding cost in points.

In addition, Southwest lets you check bags for free, something most people need to do on Disney vacations. Finally, Southwest doesn’t have change fees. If the price of your flight goes down, or better options become available, you can change flights and get refunded the difference in points.

2) JetBlue

JetBlue is another transfer partner with Chase Ultimate Rewards. JetBlue also ties the cost of their flights in points to the cash cost just like Southwest. JetBlue isn’t quite as big as Southwest, so there are fewer options across the country. And, you’ll get good value for each point, but generally it will be slightly less than Southwest (around 1.4 cents per point).

3) Book Directly with Chase

Chase has it’s own travel website powered by Expedia. You can use your points to book all kinds of travel on just about any airline, hotel, etc.

When you log into your Chase Ultimate Rewards account, you’ll see the “Travel” icon with the plane. That’s where you’ll find Chase’s travel booking website.

If you have the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, your points will be worth 1.25 cents each toward travel. If you have the Chase Sapphire Reserve card you’ll get 1.5 cents for each point.

The thing I love most about this option is that it gives you so many ways to book Disney flights with Chase Ultimate Rewards. It has all the different airlines you’d find online, at a the same prices (in most cases), and you can use your points for the best flight for you.

Plus, you can still earn frequent flyer miles on those airlines even though you’re using points to pay for them.

4) United Airlines

United is another of the 13 transfer partners. And, it’s always worth checking United to see what they’ll be charging for flights to your Disney vacation destination. However, what they’ll charge you in points is far less predictable than the other options. Sometimes they’ll have good deals and sometimes they’re a little outrageous. The uncertainty of what you’ll pay is the primary reason this is lower on my list.

5) British Airways (American Airlines)

British Airways is one of the transfer partners and American Airlines is not. But, you can book flights on American Airlines, using British Airways Avios, through the British Airways website. And, when you’re flying short distances they have some REALLY good deals. The reason I’ve put this at the bottom of my list is because the availability of those award flights is often quite limited. I always check British Airways and usually end up using them once a year or so, but I don’t hold my breath.

Chase Sapphire Preferred

You can get a 80,000 point sign up bonus for your $95 annual fee. This is worth up to $1,200 toward your flights. If you decide to apply, consider using my referral link. You get the same great deal and I get some points for pointing you in the right direction. Thanks!