6 Ways to Save on a Disney Cruise

If you’ve priced a Disney Cruise, you almost certainly Googled “ways to save on a Disney cruise” shortly after the sticker shock wore off. In fact, maybe that’s how you found this post. But, don’t worry. You won’t have to put the kids of on a strict diet of ramen noodles for the next six months to afford it. There are ways to save on a Disney cruise. These are my six favorites, and they’ll save you hundreds or thousands on your trip.

6 Ways to Save on a Disney Cruise

1) Disney Visa Discounts on a Disney Cruise

When you use a referral link to apply for the no annual fee Disney Visa, you’ll get a $200 statement credit after spending $500 in the first three months. But, there are lots of other ways to save when you use your Disney Visa. They include:

  • 0% financing for the first six months
  • 10% off photo packages
  • 10% off merchandise purchases of $50 or more
  • 10% off snorkeling, bicycle, or inner-tube rentals at Castaway Cay
  • 20% off onboard spa treatments
  • $200 statement credit when you use a referral link

You can learn more about Disney Visa perks on Disney Cruises HERE.

2) Discounted Disney Gift Cards

When you save on Disney gift cards, you save on your whole vacation. We keep a running list of the best strategies for saving on Disney gift cards. There are simple ways like using the Target REDcard to save 5%, and there are many others that can help you save 10%-15% or more.

Ultimately, you can combine them at DisneyGiftCard.com, having up to $1,000 on each. You can even use them to pay your travel agent, which leads me to the next way to save…

3) Save with a Travel Agent (Special Offer)

A cruise, like many Disney vacations, can feel complicated. Using a travel agent gives you access to an expert and doesn’t cost you any extra. In fact, it can save you. Roaming Mouse Travel is generously offering an exclusive bonus for Points to Neverland readers.

Special Offer: When you book your cruise through Roaming Mouse Travel, LLC, you can get on board credits of up to $500. Contact Roaming Mouse Travel here, and mention this post for more details.

4) Southwest Rapid Rewards Sign Up Bonus

Earn 40,000 points worth about $600 with the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Plus Card. Plus, bags fly free on Southwest, which is likely to save you on a vacation. (Side Note: I’m a minimalist. If I have to check a bag, I feel like a failure. My family does not share this philosophy. We usually end up checking at least three bags. But, at least with Southwest it’s free.)

One of my very favorite perks with Southwest is that there are no change fees. This means you can book a flight on points; if that flight goes down in price, you can re-book the same flight and get some of your points back.

  • 40,000 point sign up bonus, worth about $600
  • No fees for checked bags
  • You can re-book flights when the price goes down and get points back
  • 3,000 point anniversary bonus each year

5) $500 Off Your Disney Cruise

The Capital One Venture Card has a 50,000 mile sign up bonus after you spend $3,000 in the first three months. Those miles are worth $500 when you redeem them for an eligible travel purchase like a Disney Cruise. And, Capital One waives the annual fee for the first year.

Just sign up for the card, use it for your Disney cruise booking, then use your sign up bonus as a statement credit to help pay off the cruise.

6) A Free Night at the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport

If you’re paying for a Disney Cruise, you want to get on the ship as quickly as possible. The first shuttle from Orlando International Airport to Port Canaveral leaves around 9:30 am. Instead of taking that 5:30 am flight from your hometown, stay at the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport the night before… for free.

The very best hotel credit card is the World of Hyatt Card. It has a 50,000 point sign up bonus, worth up to $1,000. It comes with a free night every year and a second free night if you spend $15,000 on the card each year. This is in addition to all the points you earn.

A free night at the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport is only 12,000 points per night. You’ll have plenty left over for your next vacation.

P.S. When you use the links in this post to apply for a rewards card, you get the same great deal and we get some points for pointing you in the right direction. Thanks for using them!