8.7% Discount on Disney Gift Cards at CardCash

CardCash is having a sale on Disney gift cards. More specifically, they’re offering an extra 5% off all gift cards on their site through December 31st when you use promo code HOLIDAYS. This has a cap of up to $3,000 in gift cards purchased.

Without the discount, CardCash lists Disney gift cards with as much as a 3.7% discount. When you add the extra 5% on, you’ll save a total of 8.7%. You can find this offer HERE.

45-Day Guarantee

CardCash sells 2nd hand gift cards. They have a 45-day guarantee on those gift cards, but there is a chance you’ll get a bad egg. We’ve purchased more than 50 gift cards from CardCash and gotten three bad ones. We submitted a request for reimbursement and immediately got it.

All that to say, it’s important to check the balance of any gift card you buy at Disneygiftcard.com. We would also recommend you transfer the balance onto another Disney gift card you’ve purchased first hand. It’s unlikely that you’ll have a problem, but you should protect yourself against one.

You can also read more about CardCash’s 45-Day Guarantee.