A Simple Way To Save On A Disney Hotel

Your Disney hotel bill can easily set you back thousands of dollars. Even at one of Disney’s value resorts, you’ll spend over a $1,000 for a one week stay. Staying a deluxe resort? You may be dipping into the kids’ college fund. Instead, you can feel like a budget hero with this simple way to save on a Disney hotel.

In this post, you’ll learn a simple way to:

  • Save on the cost of your Disney hotel, and
  • Earn some bonus cash back

One Simple Way to Save on a Disney Hotel

You can book your Disney stay through Hotels.com. In most cases, you’ll find the same prices as Disney is offering. Sometimes you’ll find some tremendous sales. Here’s an example:

In this random sample on the Disney World website, we found a 4-night stay in a Finding Nemo room at the Art of Animation for $1,831.50 after tax.

This same hotel room through Hotels.com for the same nights was $1,648.36 after tax, a savings of $184.13. The next round of Dole Whips is on you!

Bonus Cash Back with Swagbucks

In addition to these savings, you can also get some bonus cash back by using a shopping portal. We like Swagbucks. Right now, they’re giving an extra 8% cash back on your Hotels.com transaction as long as go through the Swagbucks website first.

  • An extra 8% cash back from Swagbucks just for clicking through their shopping portal.

All you need to do is go to Swagbucks, click the “Shop” button on the left, search for “Hotels.com”, and click “Shop Now”. It’s pretty simple.

The combination of a sale at Hotels.com plus the extra 8% Swagbucks is offering can easily lead to saving hundreds of dollars on your stay. Budget hero indeed… (I recommend spending that money you saved on a delicious margarita at La Cava del Tequila in Epcot. You’ll thank me.)

P.S. I’ve created a list of all my favorite ways to save on a Disney hotel, flights, park tickets and more on my Top Ways to Save page.