About Us PhotoWe went to Disney World for our Honeymoon in the Fall of 2003. We had a blast. The combination of marital bliss and the magic of Disney made that week one of the best of our lives. That one week made us Disney Parks fanatics, and upon our return home, we immediately started talking about when we could go again.

While so fun and so memorable, trips to Disney World and Disneyland are also so very expensive.  We looked into curbing that cost by getting the Disney Visa credit card to help us earn points towards our future Disney vacations. With the Disney credit card, we ultimately found that it would take us about three years to earn enough points to go on a Disney vacation.

Being the Disney fanatics that we are, we wanted to travel to Disney World or Disneyland more frequently than every three years, and our budget definitely would not allow for that. So, we began to research other credit card rewards programs. After extensive research, we realized we could earn so much more towards our Disney vacations using different credit cards.

This website is for people looking to save money on a Disney vacation using credit card rewards. If you are new to this site, we suggest taking a look at our Top 10 to see some of our favorite ways to save on your next trip. We want to share our knowledge and research with you. This is going to be fun!