Aerophile for $9

Through the end of the day tomorrow, there is a Groupon for Aerophile at Disney Springs. You can buy one ticket for $10 or two for $20. Plus, we found a Chase Offer for 10% off at Groupon up to a savings of $6. And, it appears that you could earn another 8% cash back through Swagbucks at Groupon as well. But there are some exclusions and I can’t be certain it will work.

What To Do

First, see if you have this Chase Offer. It wasn’t on all of my accounts. If you have it, add it. Then, go to Swagbucks and search for Groupon under the Shop option and click “Shop Now”. Finally, you’ll be at Groupon where you can search aerophile and make the purchase (using your Chase card).

While it’s not listed on the terms and conditions of the deal, after we purchased it, it said we had until May 8th to use it. This deal expires for making the purchase Sunday night at midnight EST. And, you can’t use it for the first 24 hours after making the purchase.