All 2018 Discover it Category Bonuses Announced

2018 is going to be a fantastic year for the Discover it Cash. The recently announced category bonuses for each quarter are everything a Disney fanatic could hope for. There are two different quarters that will include wholesale clubs, the best places to buy discounted Disney gift cards. Plus, the second quarter includes grocery stores, the easiest place for almost every family to maximize the bonus. And, the last quarter includes Amazon, another super easy way to save. We can’t wait!

Discover it Cash

The Discover it Cash card has no annual fee and offers 5% cash back in rotating categories on up to $1,500 spent each quarter. You earn 1% on everything else.

Plus, at the end of your first year Discover doubles all your cash back. They not only double the cash you earned in these category bonuses, they double all cash back. If you earn it by using their shopping portal, Discover Deals, it will get doubled. If you earn it by referring friends to the card, it will get doubled. If you earn just through normal 1% spending, it will still get doubled. We got more than $1,000 matched in our first year.

Finally, if you use a referral link (like that one), you get a $50 sign up bonus. There’s no sign up bonus with the normal public offer.

Saving on Disney Gift Cards

The category bonuses we’re most excited about are the first and fourth quarters. You’ll get 5% cash back at wholesale clubs. Why is the important? Both Sam’s Club and BJs Wholesale sell Disney gift cards in the 4%-5% discount range. With the Discover it Cash, you’ll save another 5%. Plus, if this is your first year with the card, you’ll save an additional 5% on top of that.

When you stack these savings on top of each other, you could be looking at a 13%-14% discount on Disney gift cards. Since you can basically pay for an entire Disney vacation on gift cards, this can turn into some serious savings.