Amex Offer: 25% Off Disney Gift Cards at Staples [Targeted]

Spend $40 at Staples and get a $10 rebate at Staples with this new Amex Offer. Plus, you could stack it with the 3% cash back Dosh is offering. This is a great way to save on Disney gift cards.

This Amex Offer showed up on both of our Marriott Amex cards (old SPG). Although it’s a targeted offer, reports coming in seem to indicate that it’s generally available so check your accounts. It’s good for in-store and online purchases.

How to Maximize it for Disney Gift Card Savings

First, check your American Express account for this Amex Offer and add it to your card. Then, download Dosh if you haven’t already and link that same card. Dosh is offering 3% cash back at Staples. It does exclude gift card purchases, but we’ve had success so far getting cash back (about a 7-8 purchases at this point).

Our Staples sells a variable Disney gift card, meaning you tell them how much to put on it. In this case, you could purchase a $40 Disney gift card. Just make sure you used the same American Express card with the Amex Offer that is linked to Dosh.

You’ll get $10 back from American Express and likely another 3% cash back from Dosh. In total, you’ll pay $28.80 on a $40 Disney gift card, a 28% discount.