Amex Offers: A Quick & Easy 12% Off Disney Gift Cards

A new Amex Offer for online purchases at Sam’s Club will get you a quick and easy $5 off your next purchase. It’s an easy way to save on a Disney gift card.

Since Sam’s Club sells a $50 Disney egift card for $48.99, you could purchase it and save an extra $5 plus credit card rewards. This would bring it down to $43.99.

And, if you’re not currently a Sam’s Club member but want to join, there is another Amex Offer to get $25 cash back on a $45 first-time membership fee.

Finally, since it’s an egift card, Sam’s will email it to you and you can add into your account if you store a larger gift card there for your trips like we do.

If you’re new to Amex Offers, you can read more HERE.