Amex Offers: Disney Gift Cards at Bed Bath & Beyond

There’s a solid opportunity to save more than 20% on Disney gift cards. A new Amex Offer is giving you $5 back when you spend $25 at Bed Bath & Beyond. While this isn’t a huge amount of money, we found this offer on all of our Amex cards and used them all at once to buy Disney gift cards.

Disney Gift Cards at Bed Bath & Beyond

We found both $25 and $50 Disney gift cards at our local Bed Bath & Beyond. We had three Amex cards with this offer, so we bought a $50 card and a $25 card. At checkout, the clerk was able to divide the total into three separate payments of $25. So, we paid with our three Amex credit cards.

By the time we got in our car, we had three different emails confirming we’d used our Amex Offer. It was that quick. So, with the rebate, we saved $15 on $75 worth of Disney gift cards.

Possible Ebates Bonus

Ebates is now offering cash back on in-store purchases. While we do a lot of shopping online, the opportunity to earn cash back for in-store purchases is a nice bonus. To participate in this program, Ebates asks you to give them a credit to have on file. Then, you pick a store you plan to shop at and link your card to a particular offer.

The in-store cash back is only 2% at BB&B and the terms prohibit cash back on gift cards. But, just like the Amex Offer emails, we got an email from Ebates confirming our purchase as soon as we got in our cars. Will we get the cash back? We’ll see.

The other downside for this situation is that we were using three different cards and we only had one linked to this offer, so we only got the 2% cash back on one $25 purchase which is only $0.50.

Amex Offers

This rebate program is a great way to get discounted Disney gift cards. We think the best card for Disney vacations is the Starwood Preferred Guest card because the points earn you free stays at hotels like the Swan and Dolphin, Sheraton Park Anaheim, and others. When you add the Amex Offers that come with the card, it’s really a valuable one to have. You can apply for it HERE.

Learn more by reading How to Save with Amex Offers.

Final Savings

We got the initial 20% off through Amex Offers. We bought $75 in Disney gift cards for $60. Then, we got 75 Starwood Preferred Guest points using our rewards cards. These are worth a little less than $2. Finally, we might earn another $0.50 with the Ebates discount. All in all, a nice but small step toward our next Disney vacation!