Amex Offers: Save 10% on Disney Gift Cards

You’ll want to act quickly on two new Amex Offers. You can get an easy 10% rebate at Lowe’s and Staples, both of whom sell Disney gift cards.

You’ll get 10% back at Lowe’s up to $100 spent and the same percentage up to $50 spent at Staples. Neither expires until June 30th, but you’ll want to add these to your account quickly. The behind the scenes quota for these often fills up quickly.

Disney Gift Cards

Lowe’s sells Disney gift cards in-store. This makes it pretty easy to stop in, buy a $100 Disney gift card and get your $10 rebate on your Amex account. If you’ve got this offer on multiple cards, you could do it more than once per visit.

Staples has a great selection of gift cards in-store, but we haven’t found one that sells Disney. However, they do sell $50 Disney gift cards online for $51.99. You’ll really only get about a 6.5% discount going this route, but it’s hard to beat the convenience of doing it online.

If you’re new to Amex Offers, learn more HERE.

Terms & Conditions

It’s always good to read the terms & conditions on these Amex Offers before you make the purchase. There doesn’t appear to be any that will affect your purchase of Disney gift cards. However, the Lowe’s T&C does exclude electronic gift cards.