Amex Offers: Save 20% on Disney Gift Cards at Best Buy

There’s a new targeted Amex Offer that can help you save over 20% on Disney gift cards. But, it will go quickly so check Amex account soon.

Best Buy is giving a $30 rebate when you spend $300 in one or more transactions in-store or online. e-gift cards are excluded but not physical gift cards. So that means you can use it to save on Disney gift cards.

Disney Gift Card Strategy

You’ll want to spread this out over three $100 Disney gift cards purchases. You can combine it with Swagbucks and Best Buy Buy Rewards. In total, you’ll get around $66 in total discounts and points. Here’s how:

Swagbucks & Best Buy Rewards

We outlined in this post how to hear $9.50 in Swagbucks on every $100 Disney gift card purchase. You’ll also get at least $1 in Best Buy Rewards.

Amex Offer

The Amex Offer says you need to spend $300 in “one or more transactions.” That means you can spread this over three separate $100 transactions. Just make sure you add the offer to your Amex account and then use that same credit card when you check out. After you spend $300, you’ll get a $30 rebate.

Total Savings

We found this offer on both of our Starwood cards. They earn about 1.5% in points.

In total, you’ll earn $28.50 in Swagbucks, at least $3 in Best Buy Rewards, a $30 rebate from your Amex Offer, and around $4.50 in credit card rewards. This is a total of $66 saved/earned for $300 in Disney gift cards.

Act quickly, this one is likely to go fast.