Aulani Food Review

The Aulani Resort and Spa has a lot of food options. We sampled a lot of the food that Aulani has to offer on our recent vacation. Most food options were expensive and some were affordable. We bought the entirety of our Aulani food using Disney Gift Cards we had saved up for this vacation. Here is our break down of the Aulani food hits and misses….in our humble opinion.

 The Hits:

1. Olelo Room

The Olelo Room is essentially a bar with the option of indoor/outdoor seating (I always opt for outdoor) with nightly musical entertainment. We found the Sunset Hour menu to be super affordable . We could feed our family of four a light dinner off this menu with one order of Nachos and one order of Edamame, totaling a whopping $14 (For Aulani, this might as well read Zero Dollars). Because of this price, the island vibe of the space, and the delightful, talented entertainmnet….we ate at the Olelo Room three out of the five nights we stayed at Aulani.

2. Papalua Shaved Ice

Located near the pool area, the Papalua Shaved Ice stand was easily our favorite daily snack stop. Ranging in price from $4.00-5.50, this shaved ice stand had any flavor you could possibly dream of. And for $1 more, you could even get your treat in the the shape of Mickey. This was an affordable, easy to share snack. And a cute one at that.

3. The Aulani Refillable Mug

At $18.99, the Aulani refillable mug gets you unlimited refills of soda, lemonade, iced tea, coffee, hot cocoa, etc. for the entirety of your stay.  Considering the fact that the a la carte fountain soda cups were $3.00 by themselves, this is a good deal. Especially if you plan to drink things throughout the day that are not water.

4. Ama Ama

I have to give an honorable mention to Ama Ama, Aulani’s flagship restaurant. Ama Ama is very expensive, but I have to say….very delicious. We ate there for my birthday and the meal did not disappoint. I got the Mahi Mahi, with the truffle macaroni and cheese (oh em gee). It was so good and the perfect place for a celebratory occasion, but I cannot see our family of four eating there just because. The price was too high for us.

The Misses:

1. Character Breakfast at the Makahiki Buffet

At the steep price of $39 for adults, and $20 for kids, we were expecting a lot out of this character breakfast. It started out magical, as we got a personal picture with Mickey Mouse in his Hawaiian garb right out of the gate. Unfortunately, our experience went downhill from there. The food at this buffet was not particularly good. There were a lot of options on this buffet from standard breakfast fare to island favorites. I think that might have been the problem…so many options and none were particularly done well.

During our meal experience, we saw three characters: Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy. As a part of our meal experience, our family did indeed get a picture with Mickey Mouse taken by a photographer. During the meal itself, we could get the character’s handler to take our picture, but we were bummed that this character breakfast did not have a photo pass option and a photographer that walked around with the characters during the meal itself. In fact, if you wanted to take home that family picture taken with Mickey at the beginning of the meal, it cost you a lot extra (I think around $35). The Mickey photo is not included in the photo pass, which is a disappointment. We did end up purchasing our Mickey family pictures…because we are suckers.

We were seated outside, which caused us to miss a lot of the action. “Aunty” was inside the restaurant singing songs and interacting with children. She never came outside to where we were seated, which made us feel like we were missing out. We have been to our fair share of character breakfasts across the Disney Parks and this one is definitely on the bottom of our list. Although, we always love seeing Minnie.

2. Mama’s Snack Shop

Mama’s Snack Shop is in the Aulani pool area, right next to the Paplua Shaved Ice Stand. The food here is not terrible by any means. It’s just really basic and tastes like it all began frozen. The chicken tenders basket cost $10. Too much for mediocre food, in my opinion.

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