Aunty’s Beach House Review

My eight year old and I were talking this morning over bagels about our Aulani trip. I asked her what her favorite part was and before I could finish, she yelled, “Aunty’s Beach House!” She was such a fan. So were we.

For Little Ones, 3-12

Aunty’s Beach House is a kid’s club for Aulani guests, ages 3-12. This kid’s club is included in the price of your stay (Hallelujah!). This is one amazing kid’s club. It looks like an actual beach house, complete with a back yard. Our mouth’s dropped open when we toured around with our little one. You can read all about the awesome amenities Aunty’s Beach House has here.  Aunty’s Beach House is open for Check in/Drop off play from 9:30am -9:00 pm. (yes, you read that right….all day long).

Secure Supervision

Security and supervision are really important to me as a parent. I was so happy to see a very secure check in and drop off process. Each child has a check in bracelet that is linked to a family’s account equipped with a password that is unique to them. It’s like two layers of security…which made this mama happy. I was also very impressed with the quality of each child care worker. They knew our little one by name and were so friendly and professional in their exchanges with me. It was apparent that this was a very professional operation.


Most of the experiences at Aunty’s Beach House are complementary. Aulani is so very expensive, so we were quite relieved to hear this. A list of some of the complementary activities can be found here. Our little one’s favorite activity was the Keiki Hula. A dancer herself, she remembers all the moves she learned, and we regularly do the hula moves she learned around our house.

Worth Noting

  • Aunty’s Beach House is just for children, ages 3-12. However, there is an open house daily from 8-9:30 am, where kids of all ages can come and have some playtime with their parents.
  • The complementary events/activities (like the Keiki hula lesson) are plentiful, although you do need to register for them in advance. They are all subject to availability.  You can go check and see availability first thing in the morning at Aunty’s Beach House, or you can pre-register requests online at least 48 hours before your arrival. We did this and our little one got in to the activities we requested.
  • Aunty’s Beach House will even feed your child lunch or dinner or both. This feature is pre-paid and when we went, the cost was $10 plus tax per meal. We had her eat there probably 4 or 5 times during our stay. She loved what they served and it was probably less than a meal for her at any of the other restaurants at the resort.
  • There are premium experiences you can pay for as well at Aunty’s Beach House. More information on that can be found, here, We didn’t pay for any premium experiences, because the complementary ones were so great.