Beating the Disney Food Price Increases

You may have seen the news about recent food price increases at Disney World. A regular soda got a 21% price increase from $3.29 to $3.99. Bottled water got a 17% price increase from $3 to $3.50. Since we’re obviously not going to stop going to Disney, we’ll just have to beat the system. Here’s our plan.

The Gist

We’ve started using Amazon Prime Now for grocery deliveries to our resort. We save by having breakfast and lunch in our room. Plus, Disney lets you bring food items into the parks (except glass), so we each take a drink with us.

We’re also using some of the discounted gift card strategies we feature on our website to save on Amazon gift cards, cutting the cost even further.

Amazon Prime Now at Your Disney Resort

Amazon Prime Now gives you the option of having groceries delivered to your Disney resort. You choose the window of time, but it can be as soon as one hour delivery. Your resort will either call you to come pick up your items or bell services will bring them to your room.

You have to be an Amazon Prime member to use Prime Now. 

Saving on Amazon Gift Cards

Using Amazon Prime Now will save you quite a bit on food at Disney. If you save on Amazon gift cards as well, you’re doing even better.

There are a number of places where you can get discounted Amazon gift cards. Our favorite is fairly new. Both of the Best Buy locations near our house have started selling them in the last month or so. That means you can take advantage of the Swagbucks deal and save 12.5%. If you have the Chase Freedom, you can save 15.5%

Even if you don’t use this deal for saving on your Disney vacation, saving 15% on Amazon gift cards at our house means saving that much on a lot of our daily purchases (we do a lot of our shopping on Amazon). Whether you save at Disney or on your daily purchases, we hope this will make life a little less expensive.