The Best Sandals for Disney

We love sandals. Finding the right pair of sandals for a week at Disney is another story. With the combination of standing in line and walking for miles, you need something really comfortable. Sandals aren’t always the best option. But, let me tell you, we are in love with Oofos! These are hands down, the best sandals for Disney. We bought our first pair last year for our trip to Disney World and we’re buying them again for this summer’s trip.

Oofos Ooriginal Sandals

Did we say we’re sandal-people? No socks for us, we love our feet to be free. We have Crocs, Rainbows, Reefs, Birkenstocks, Havianas, Tevas, and a recently returned pair of Chacos (they didn’t work out). We bought a pair of Oofos OOriginal Sandals after seeing how highly they were rated on Amazon. We were not disappointed. These are the most comfortable pairs of sandals either of us has ever owned.

Best Sandals for Disney

Why are these the best sandals for Disney? First, you need something really comfortable. Some sandals feel like you’re standing on wood blocks. Oofos are like sliding into a pair of clouds. I know that sounded incredibly cheesy, but it’s true. They have a thick, squishy sole that gives far more than most sandals, much more like a comfortable pair of shoes.

You also want something that will work on water rides, at the water parks, and at the hotel pool. Oofos, being made of a foam rubber won’t warp like leather sandals. They’re great for all the Disney elements.


Both of us are between sizes. After reading several reviews, we went down in size to the nearest whole size. That was the right decision for us. They fit us both perfectly. If you’re between sizes, consider going down as well.

We’re really glad we found Oofos. We think they’re the best sandals for Disney and we hope you like them as much as we do.