Our Best Shopping Portal Advice For The Holidays

We are giddy! It’s what happens this time of year. Every year. There are so many opportunities to save on Disney vacations. Amex Offers. Chase Pay Bonuses. Black Friday Deals.

With a growing percentage of consumer spending being done online, shopping portals are becoming an increasingly important way to make your Disney vacation a very cheap reality. Here is some of our very best advice on how to maximize cash back and points through shopping portals.

Overall Favorite Shopping Portal

We love TopCashback. It’s the most user-friendly of the shopping portals. Our favorite aspect of TopCashback is that they have an ACH auto-deposit option. You don’t have to mess with mailed checks. You can have the money transferred straight into your checking account. This is peace of mind.

In addition, we’ve found that TopCashback often has some of the highest payouts of shopping portals. It’s always worth checking around, but we’ve found TopCashback is almost always one of the most lucrative options.

Plus, you earn cash. When it comes to saving for a Disney vacation, cash is the best thing you can have.

Best Browser Plug-In

We’re using the  Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping Extension for Chrome. It alerts you, at the top right corner of your screen, if you’re on a website that could earn you points. You can see in the example below, as soon as I got to the Best Buy website, it alerted me that I could be earning points there.

Best for Amazon

During the holidays, several portals including TopCashback, Ebates, and Mr. Rebates are offering some nice bonuses for Amazon. Each is worth a look.

However, they don’t always offer bonuses at Amazon. In fact, getting anything from a shopping portal for Amazon during most of the year is tough. But, JetBlue has been offering 3x per dollar at Amazon for quite a while. It’s worth about an extra 4.5% on your Amazon purchases.

Some of our JetBlue bonus points using the portal to Amazon.

When you’re logged into your JetBlue TrueBlue account, you’ll see a tab on the left that says “Our Partners.” The Amazon portal is listed on that page.

Picking a Portal

While we have our favorite portals, it’s always good to double check them. We use Cashback Monitor regularly to check on which portals are paying the highest rates for a store we plan to shop at.

In-Store Portal

Ibotta is one of the best ways to save when you shop in-store. This app-based option allows you to load discounts on items in stores before making the purchase. You verify those purchases by either connecting your loyalty accounts for those stores or taking a picture of your receipt.

One of the things we like most about Ibotta is that they include stores like Target, Walmart, and most grocery stores. These are places people spend a lot of money which means you have lots of opportunities to save.

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