Best Time to Visit Disney

Best Time to Visit Disney 

The best time to visit Disney is during the months of November-March. Sure, the weather is cooler, the crowds can be lower, but the real reason is that the sun sets earlier. Our favorite time to be in any Disney park is the evening. During the Daylight Savings months of the summer, the sun sets so late that the park is closing not long after the sun goes down. But, in the months of November to March, you’ll get more Disney at night (our favorite time).

One of our favorite memories from our last trip was World Showcase as the sun was setting.

Favorite Evening Disney Spots

Cars Land: California Adventure

Last Fall, we found ourselves just sitting in Cars Land, enjoying the scenery. Cars Land is by far our family’s favorite evening spot in all the Disney Parks. When the sun goes down, the neon lights come on along “Route 66.” It’s a great place to sit, grab a snack, and people watch. It is such a fun and electric atmosphere.

World Showcase: Epcot

I love the World Showcase. Especially at night. I asked my daughter the other day what was one of her favorite parts of our recent Disney World trip and she said, “Running around all the different countries before Illuminations.” I agreed. Evening offers such a different feel to the World Showcase, and it’s a place we always want to spend more time in the evening. The World Showcase all lit up in white, twinkle lights is my favorite sight in the Walt Disney World Resort.

Tower of Terror: Hollywood Studios

Riding rides is way more exciting when the sky is dark…especially if it’s Tower of Terror. Night time makes the fear factor go way up and because of that, we always choose to ride Tower of Terror when the sun goes down. Other rides we think that are better at night include: Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Radiator Springs Racers, Expedition Everest, and Big Thunder Mountain.

Cafe Orleans: Disneyland

Our favorite late night snack place is the outdoor seating at Cafe Orleans.  The Parmesan fries and the Beignets are soooo good and the evening atmosphere of this cafe is downright charming. Man, now I really want some fries.

Avoid Daylight Savings. Plan your Disney vacation to maximize your time in the parks at night.

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