Is BJs Still A Good Option for Disney Gift Cards?

For most of this year, BJs Wholesale was the best simple option for saving on Disney gift cards. They sold $100 Disney gift cards for $94.99. Plus, they were paying out through cashback portals like Mr. Rebates at 3%. This put your total discount before credit card rewards at approximately 8%. Anytime you can cut 8% off the cost of an expensive Disney vacation, it’s a good day.

No More Portals

In August, new purchases at BJs through cash back portals stopped paying. While it was uncertain whether this was temporary or not, this change has unfortunately continued. We typically used either Mr. Rebates or TopCashback, which offered 3% and 2% respectively. Neither has paid out since August.

BJs Raises Their Prices

On November 1st, BJs increased their price on the $100 Disney gift card from $94.99 to $95.99. This decreased the discount from 5% to 4%. BJs still offers free shipping but this increase in price starts to add up when you spend thousands on a Disney vacation.

Is BJs Still A Good Option?

Being an Opportunist

The most lucrative strategy you can take these days with Disney gift cards is to be an Opportunist. We use various Amex offers (especially Starwood), credit card bonus categories, and other sales to purchase Disney gift cards. These periodic opportunities will typically save you 10%-15% on Disney gift cards.

When Is BJs A Good Option?

We like BJs when you need gift cards quickly, perhaps for a last minute trip. We also like BJs when there’s a credit card bonus category. The Discover it Cash card (referral link gives a $50 bonus), for instance, will be offering 5% cash back in two different quarters in 2018. Stacking an extra 5% cash back on top of the 4% discount makes it a great deal.