Black Friday Deal: 20% Off at Target

Disney Gift Cards at Target

Make a $50 purchase at Target on Black Friday and get 20% off a future shopping trip. The initial Black Friday purchase can be made online or in-store.

Here’s a link to the ad.

After your Black Friday purchase, you’ll receive a coupon for 20% off a future purchase. This coupon can be used between November 27th and December 8th in-store or online.

Disney Gift Card Connection

Gift cards have historically been one of the few categories excluded from the 20% discount coupon. But, they have always worked for the Black Friday purchase that triggers the coupon.

So, on Black Friday, you could go online and buy a $50 Disney gift card. This will trigger the discount for a future shopping purchase. You can then use the 20% discount for Christmas shopping or other purchases at Target.

As a reminder, if you use your Target REDcard for the initial Disney gift card purchase, it will bring the total down to $47.50, so you’ll want to use another credit card for that purchase to make sure it’s exactly $50.

Hat Tip: Frequent Miler

Another 20% Off Option

There’s another way to get 20% off with a purchase on Black Friday. You can make a purchase of any amount, one penny or more. You pay with the wallet of your Target app, you’ll get the 20% off coupon as well.

This must be done in-store. You’ll receive the coupon in your app by Sunday the 25th. The coupon is valid from November 27th to December 8th for a single use.