Book Aulani with Chase Ultimate Rewards

We often daydream about Aulani. Disney and Hawaii all wrapped up into one perfect vacation. It’s hard to imagine anything better… or more expensive. When rooms start around $500 a night it can sometimes feel like it will stay a daydream. However, one important way you can discount your trip (or pay for it completely) is to book Aulani with Chase Ultimate Rewards. Chase has some of the best credit card signup bonuses and you can earn tons of points with a Chase Ultimate Strategy for your daily spending.

UPDATE (9/14/2018): Chase has suspended booking Disney vacations with Ultimate Rewards. We are monitoring this and will let you know if/when it’s resolved.

Book Aulani with Chase Ultimate Rewards

How to Book

Unlike a Disney Vacation Package, you can book Aulani online through the Chase travel center. Just visit and select “Explore & Book Travel” under the “Use Points” heading.

However, for a trip of this magnitude, we recommend calling and talking with one of their travel agents. You can reach a Chase travel agent at 855-234-2542. The travel agents that answer are helpful, but we recommend telling them you want to book a Disney vacation and would like to speak to someone in the “Cruise and Tour Department”. You don’t actually need someone in this department, but this gets to you Chase’s most experienced travel agents. A trip to Hawaii can be a once in a lifetime experience, so you want a great travel agent to help you set it up.

Value of Points

If you or someone in your household has a Chase Sapphire Reserve, you’ll get 1.5 cents per point in value toward your Aulani stay. For example, this means 100,000 points would be worth $1,500 toward your stay.

If you have a card in the second tier of the pyramid below, the Sapphire Preferred or Ink Preferred, you’ll get 1.25 cents per point in value. So, 100,000 points would be worth $1,250 toward your Aulani stay.

If you only have one of the cards on the bottom row, the cards with no annual fee, you get one cent per point. In this situation, you can also redeem the points for cash so there’s no need to book directly through Chase.

Special Situations

What if you don’t have enough points to pay for the whole stay?

You can pay the difference with a Chase credit card (not a competitor) or a Disney gift card.

Can I use some points now to reserve the room and pay more points when I get closer to my trip and have accumulated more?

No, you can only make a points payment with Chase one time.

What happens if I book my stay and then Disney offers a better deal?

Similar to other Disney vacations, if a new offer becomes available that will save you money, you can take advantage of it even after you’ve booked. Chase will refund you the cash difference, even if you paid them with points. They will not refund you the points, even if you’d prefer that over cash.

What if I’ve already booked my trip with Aulani and paid a deposit to Disney? Can I still pay the balance of my reservation with points?

Within 30 days of booking directly with Disney, Chase can submit a form to be the travel agency of record. This would allow you to make a one-time payment of points.

Earn Chase Ultimate Rewards for Aulani

Sign Up Bonuses

First, the quickest way to earn lots of Chase Ultimate Rewards is with sign up bonuses. Here are some of the top Chase credit cards and their value toward a stay at Aulani. Many partners will each get a card and combine the points to pay for a substantial portion of the trip.

  • Sapphire Reserve – 50,000 (Value: $750)
  • Sapphire Preferred – 50,000 (Value: $625)
  • Ink Prefered – 80,000 (Value: $1,000)

You can find application links and full reviews of these cards on our Popular Cards page.

Chase Ultimate Rewards Strategy

There is no perfect credit card, but there are nearly perfect wallets. With Chase, many of the credit cards complement each other. One card earns bonus points in a certain category while another card earns bonus points in other categories. By using several complementary credit cards, you can build a strategy to earns tons of points. We’re currently carrying a Sapphire Reserve, two Freedoms, and an Ink Cash.

Read more in our Chase Ultimate Rewards Strategy post.

Chase Sapphire Reserve

Apply Now

  • What kind of points: Hotels, Airlines, General Travel, and Cash
  • Sign Up Bonus: 50,000 points after spending $4,000 in three months
  • Annual Fee: $450
  • How to Earn Points: 3x points on travel and dining, 1x point on everything else
  • Value of a Point: 2.0 cents
  • How to Spend Points: Redeem for cash, spend through Chase travel center, transfer to airlines or hotels
  • Our favorite Use: Booking Disney Vacation Packages