Booking American Airlines Flights Using Ultimate Rewards

When flights to Orlando are expensive, they usually cost more points as well. Thinking about Christmas at Disney World? Using points on Southwest or through Chase’s Travel Center is going to cost you a lot of points. Here’s how we avoided that problem and paid only 15,000 points for round trip flights to Disney World.

Book American Airlines Flights Using Ultimate Rewards

Chase has 13 transfer partners. One of them is British Airways who partners with American Airlines and Alaska Airlines for award flights. You can book flights on both airlines with your British Airways Avios.

Just as important, British Airways award chart is distance based per segment. Flights of 1,150 miles or less are only 7,500 points. Since the cost in points is per segment, you need direct flights in order to save points.

Step by Step Instructions

A while back we wrote step-by-step instructions on how use British Airways Avios to book flights on American Airlines and Alaska Airlines to Aulani. Although the destination is different, the process is the same.

Some Glitches

When we got to the point of booking our flights on the British Airways website, we initially got a screen that said there were no flights available.

Then, we clicked around on a few of the surrounding dates and then back to our original date. Like magic…

…suddenly five different flights appeared. We wanted to point this out so you don’t give up right away. Try clicking around on a few different dates and then call British Airways as a last option.

Total Savings

The round trip itinerary would have cost us $350 for each ticket. On Southwest, that might have cost us around 22,000 or 23,000 points. Instead, we used 15,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards and paid $11.20 in taxes. When you’re booking multiple tickets, saving 7,000-8,000 on each ticket really starts to add up.