Booking Hotels for Star Wars Land – What You Need To Know

We know Star Wars Land (aka Galaxy’s Edge) will open at Disneyland in the Summer of 2019 and Disney World in late Fall 2019. If you’re like us, we’re literally dying inside while we wait. We must be there as soon after it opens as we possibly can.

But, booking hotels for Star Wars Land could feel like Walmart on a Black Friday… but without the deals. Like the Oklahoma land rush, the second they announce firm dates, every hotel, rental house, and KOA will get booked up in seconds. It will be like trying to get a reservation at California Grill for 4th of July Fireworks.

Cash Prices Will Be Ridiculous

This is purely conjecture, with only one hotel chain data point, but… you might want to avert your eyes. This is going to hurt. The image below is a sample booking at the Hyatt House in Anaheim for June 15-19, 2019. [Gasp!!]

By comparison, the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando, which is a nicer resort, is only charging $217 a night for those same dates. It just so happens that Star Wars Land won’t be open in Orlando but it could be in Anaheim.

Hyatt is one of the few hotels that books 13 months in advance. For reference, Marriott, Starwood, and IHG all list hotels prices 350 days in advance, so they’re only listing prices out into early May at this point. Hilton shows 12 months, so they’re not into June yet either.

Speculative Hotel Bookings on Points

The beautiful thing about booking hotels on points is that it’s a refundable rate. You can take your best guess on when you think Star Wars Land will be open and reserve your hotel on points. If you’re wrong, you can cancel it and get your points back (typically up until a few days before your stay).

Plus, since most hotel chains still offer fixed rates on points, you could get some amazing deals by using points. The cash rate may be crazy, but the number of points you’ll pay will stay the same.

What You Should Do

If you aren’t currently earning hotel points, we recommend Hyatt for the Disneyland opening of Star Wars. The Chase Sapphire Preferred comes with a sign up bonus of 50,000 points plus 5,000 more for adding an authorized user. Those points can be transferred directly to Hyatt. All three Hyatt hotels near Disneyland are 12,000 points a night so your sign up bonus will nearly get your five free nights.

If you use our referral link, we’ll also get some points which will help us go to Disney. We’ll be so excited, we’ll probably show up at your workplace like this…