Bulk Pricing on Disney Gift Cards from BJs Wholesale

Great news on Disney gift cards! BJs Wholesale is offering a bulk discount on Disney gift cards through the end of October. If you buy $5,000 or more in Disney gift cards, you can purchase $100 Disney gift cards for $92. This 8% discount on Disney gift cards is a fantastic way to save when you consider the simplicity.

Details on Bulk Pricing

This special deal is coming out of the business to business unit at BJs Wholesale. You can email Bryant Sullivan (bsullivan@bjs.com), Director of B2B Sales at BJs Wholesale. You can also call him at 774-512-5928. He’ll help you get the discount, but it is a member-only promotion, so you’ll need at least the $10 online BJs membership.

Multiply Your Savings

When we contacted Bryant, we also confirmed that you could use multiple credit cards if you want to max out your Discover it Cash or Chase Freedom bonuses. Remember, those are both giving 5% cash at wholesale clubs right now.

** If you use our referral link for the Discover it Cash, you get a $50 statement credit after your first purchase.


When you consider the cost of Disney vacations or annual passes, spending $5,000 is unfortunately not an uncommon amount to spend. This 8% discount plus credit card bonuses is a great way to save without a lot of effort.

Special thanks to PTN reader Mary A. for alerting us to this deal. We think she probably just saved a lot of fellow readers a lot on their Disney vacations.