Buy Universal Orlando Tickets with Chase Ultimate Rewards

Save on your theme park vacation and buy Universal Orlando tickets with Chase Ultimate Rewards. You can purchase park tickets with the travel bonus. This is a great way to cover the cost of your park tickets, an expense that is often difficult to pay with points.

In this post we’ll outline 1) How this works, 2) How many points you’ll have to spend, and 2) booking instructions for purchasing them.

How This Works

Chase has it’s own travel portal through Chase Ultimate Rewards. It works sort of like Expedia except you can use points to book travel. Plus, you also have the option of calling and talking to a live travel agent.

If you want to buy Disney Parks tickets, Chase requires that you purchase a vacation package to use your points. However, if you want Universal Orlando tickets, they give you the option of purchasing just the tickets if you don’t want or need a vacation package.

How Many Points

This strategy works for people who have at least one person in their household with a Chase Ultimate Rewards credit card that has an annual fee. The annual fee cards allow you to get a bonus for redeeming your points for travel purchases through Chase. You only need one of these cards because Chase lets you transfer points between accounts. The accounts with higher annual fees have better redemption options, so it’s where you want to pool all of your points.

For each point you spend on travel, booked through Chase, you’ll get the following value:

  • Sapphire Reserve – 1.5 cents per point
  • Sapphire Preferred – 1.25 cents per point
  • Ink Preferred – 1.25 cents per point

Hypothetically, let’s say you’re purchasing Universal Orlando tickets for your family and the total happens to be exactly $1,000. With your Chase Sapphire Reserve, it will cost you 66,667 points ($1,000/0.015).  If you have either of the other cards, those same $1,000 tickets will cost you 80,000 points.

Note: Always compare ticket prices. We recently purchased tickets through Chase for our trip. The cash cost was $5 higher for each ticket through Chase than through Universal Orlando. That means we didn’t quite get the 1.5 cents per point using our Chase Sapphire Reserve, but it was close enough for us. You can check Universal Orlando tickets prices HERE.

Chase offers all the standard Universal Orlando ticket options.

Booking Instructions

It is possible to book these tickets through Chase Ultimate Rewards online, although the website is a little glitchy. The easiest thing to do is call 1-855-234-2542 and talk to a Chase travel agent. They’ll likely know nothing about Universal Orlando, but if you tell them exactly which tickets you want and how many, they can price them out for you.

If you’d prefer to go through the website, or at least start there, check out this post from Mommy Points for step-by-step instructions. Shout out to her for pointing out this strategy.

Earning Ultimate Rewards

The fastest way to earn extra Chase Ultimate Rewards is with a sign up bonus. We have referral links for the Sapphire Preferred and Sapphire Reserve and we’re always appreciative when you use them (we get points for our next trip). And, here’s a link to the Ink Preferred as well.

We also recommend building a Chase Ultimate Rewards Strategy. It’s our favorite program for Disney and Universal vacations because it has great ways to earn points and redeem them.