Change to Best Buy Rewards Effecting Disney Gift Cards

One of our favorite ways to buy Disney gift cards is at Best Buy. You can earn Swagbucks and Best Buy Rewards. For every $100 gift card, you get $9.50 in Swagbucks and between $1 and $2.50 in Best Buy Rewards (depending on your status). This is in addition to your credit card rewards.

Best Buy Rewards Change

You used to be able to use those Best Buy Rewards to buy additional Disney gift cards. Recently, Best Buy added “point of sale activation cards” to their list of excluded items for rewards purchases.

This means that now you have to use your Best Buy Rewards for other store merchandise instead of Disney gift cards.

While this is unfortunate, there is a small upside. Best Buy Rewards work like a coupon, lowering the cost of the item you purchase. This also lowers the tax you pay. Since you don’t pay tax on a gift card, this wasn’t something you’d benefit from buying Disney gift cards.

Special thanks to readers Lindsey and Mike for bringing this to our attention.