Change to Swagbucks Deal on Disney Gift Cards

Swagbucks has changed the structure of the bonuses they give on Disney gift cards at Best Buy. We wanted to alert you and we’ve updated the Swagbucks at Best Buy strategy post.

Previously, Swagbucks was offering a 500 SB bonus on purchases of $50 or more in addition to 2 SB per dollar spent. If you bought a $50 Disney gift card, you could get a total of 600 SB (worth $6) in addition to Best Buy Rewards and credit card rewards. This was a at least a $7.50 total savings or 15% off.

Now, Swagbucks has instituted three tiers of spending for the bonus in addition to the 2 SBs per dollar spent. 1) You’ll get 250 SBs for spending $50-$99.99. 2) You’ll get 750 SB for spending $100-$499.99. 3) You’ll get 1,500 SB for spending $500 or more.

By percentage, your best savings will now be a $100 Disney gift card at Best Buy for the 750 SB bonus plus 200 SBs you’ll earn at 2 SBs per dollar.


If you purchase a $100 Disney gift card at Best Buy, you’ll earn a total of 950 Swagbucks, worth $9.50. You’ll also earn between 1% and 2.5% in Best Buy rewards which can be redeemed for Disney gift cards. Finally, we assume you’re using a card that earns 2% cash back (like the Citi DoubleCash). This is a total of at least $12.50 in cash back or rewards on your $100 Disney gift card purchase, a 12.5% savings.