Chase Offer: $10 Back at Sam’s Club

There’s a new Chase Offer for Sam’s Club that we found on three of our cards. You can get $10 back on a purchase of $45 or more between now and September 23rd.

The offer says it’s for membership purposes. However, I have a feeling it will work on Disney gift card purchases. There’s no guarantees, but I think it would be worth a shot if you have a membership already.

Stack with Dosh

Don’t forget, there’s a targeted Dosh deal for 4% cash up to $15 back per day at Sam’s Club on in-store purchases. It also comes with a $5 bonus if you’re getting a new membership. If you link your Chase card that has the Chase Offer, you should be able to stack these discounts. (Note: It’s good to link your card in Dosh at least 24 hours before using so that it’s in their system.)

Disney Gift Cards at Sam’s

If you stack the two deals, you’ll need to purchase Disney gift cards in-store. If you’re just doing the Chase Offer, it looks like there’s no restriction.

If you’re purchasing online with just the Chase Offer, the $50 Disney gift card for $47.98 is probably your best best. You should end up paying $37.98 ultimately assuming the Chase Offer triggers, which often takes 1-2 weeks.

If you’re purchasing in-store, which means you’re taking a special trip up there and stacking this deal with Dosh, you might think about going a little bigger to maximize your trip. The 4% cash back from Dosh up to $15 per day would cap out on a $375 purchase.