Chase Offers: 10% Off Disney Gift Cards at Staples [Targeted]

There’s a new Chase Offer that will save you 10% off Disney gift cards at Staples. This offer is good from now through April 22nd.

Unfortunately, this has a maximum savings of $6 which means you could buy a $50 Disney gift card and save $5. Or, if your Staples sells variable Disney gift cards, you could do $60 exactly and save $6. Either way the savings are small.

A Better Option

Since the savings are not tremendous with this deal, the better option is to buy an e-gift card online at You won’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. Some good options we saw for a Disney vacation include Uber, Southwest Airlines, and We bought a $50 Uber gift card because it can be loaded straight into the app where it will be waiting for us the next time we need it.

I don’t necessarily recommend the $50 Disney gift card they sell online in this circumstance because they charge $51.99.

It’s a Targeted Offer

I only found this offer on one out of our six Chase accounts that has Chase Offers. I hope you’ll have more success. And remember, Chase Offers typically takes a couple weeks to post, so you won’t see the rebate right away.

Hat Tip: Doctor of Credit