Chase Offers: 30% Off Disney Gift Cards

There’s a targeted new deal with Chase Offers for 30% off at Staples. It just so happens they sell Disney gift cards online. This is an easy way to save on Disney gift cards.

We found this offer in only one of our accounts. Our other accounts only have the 10% off Staples offer which has been out there for a couple weeks.

You can only do this one-time and you max out at $19 in savings, which would be up to a $63 purchase. It expires January 24th.

Disney Gift Cards

Staples sells a $50 Disney gift card online for $51.99. With the 30% discount, you’ll pay $36.93. If you have this offer on multiple credit cards, you could purchase multiple gift cards and consolidate them at

You’ll notice the deals says, “Offer not valid on third-party purchases.” Although it’s not clear what that means, we’ve purchased gift cards in-store and online at Staples with Chase Offers and gotten the rebate both ways, so we feel pretty confident it will work for you too. But, it does typically take 1-2 weeks for the rebate to post in your Chase account.

Don’t forget to find Chase Offers in your Chase app (not online). Add the offer to your card. Then make sure you use that card when you check out online before the expiration date.

Hat Tip: Doctor of Credit