Chase Offers: Save on Disney Gift Cards at Staples

Chase has put out another round of Chase Offers for rebates at Staples. We had an offer for 10% back up to $6 saved on two of our Chase cards. Staples has great selections of gift cards, and ours include Disney gift cards.

Our Staples has $50 Disney gift cards, so we save $5 on our purchases. If you have this offer on multiple cards, it could be worth a trip because you could buy multiple gift cards, each on a different card with this offer.

However, you can also buy Disney gift cards online at Staples with an additional $1.99 fee. After the additional fee, you’ll save around 6.5% on the Disney gift card plus your credit card rewards. When you consider that you don’t have to leave the couch, if it saves you a trip it could be worth it. Alternatively, you could buy other gift cards online at Staples that don’t have an extra fee like Uber or Southwest Airlines.