Chase Offers: Up to 28% Off Disney Gift Cards [Targeted]

We found a whopper on our Chase Offers list this weekend. It was only in one of our accounts, but it’s for 25% cash back at Staples. This deal is good for up to $17.50 cash back and is good until July 20th. As you all know if you read Points to Neverland, Staples is a great place to pick up Disney gift cards.

Reminder: Chase Offers can take up to two weeks to post your rebate, so you have to be more patient than some rebate programs.

We got our “success” email about a week after our purchase (there’s a definite delay).

Alternative Offer

One of our readers, Dan, also picked up an offer this weekend, but his was for 10% at Staples. His also expires July 20th and the max cash back is $7.

Special thanks to Dan for sending in this screenshot.

If you’re new to Chase Offers, you can read more HERE.

Bonus with Dosh

Dosh is currently offering 3% cash back at Staples. While the terms exclude gift cards, we’ve been paid out the five or so times we’ve purchased gift cards in-store at Staples.

If you’re new to Dosh, just download the app, link your card that has the Chase offer on it, then use that card to buy the Disney gift cards. It’s that easy. Rebates typically show up in 3-4 days with Dosh.