Chase Throws Darts to Select New Freedom Bonus Categories

It’s the only possible explanation. Some Chase employees were out after work having drinks. They needed to make a decision about the Chase Freedom 5% bonus categories for July through September. So, they decided to throw darts at a dart board to decide. It’s the only logical explanation for choosing gas stations and “select” streaming services. Remember, we already had gas stations in the first quarter this year.

  • Gas Stations and Select Streaming Services are the 5% bonus categories for the Chase Freedom from July through September
  • Get 5% back (5 Ultimate Rewards) per dollar spent up to $1,500

Saving at Disney

Ok, rant over. So, how do you use this to save on your Disney vacation? Perhaps the most obvious is if you happen to be driving to your Disney vacation this summer, you can earn tons of points each time you fill up.

Second, some gas stations sell Disney gift cards. This would allow you to earn 5 Ultimate Rewards for every dollar you spent. If you use a Chase Ultimate Rewards Strategy, this is potentially worth up to 10% in points on your purchase.

Disclaimer: some grocery store gas stations actually code to the grocery store. So, test your local gas station to make sure you’re getting the bonus points before you buy a bunch of gift cards.

  • Earn lots of points on your drive to your Disney vacation this summer
  • OR, buy Disney gift cards at gas stations and earn lots of Ultimate Rewards

Using Ultimate Rewards

As a reminder, having a card like the Chase Freedom is a great way to earn tons of Ultimate Rewards. You get 5 points per dollar in these bonus categories on up to $1,500 spent each quarter.

BUT, they become so much more valuable if you also have the Chase Sapphire Preferred. You can transfer the points from your Freedom card to the Sapphire card then onto 13 travel partners like Southwest, United, JetBlue, and Hyatt. This can double the value of the points in some cases.

If you apply for either of these cards, consider using one of our links. You get the same great deal and we get some points for pointing you in the right direction.