Comparing Target, Sam’s & BJs: Disney Gift Cards

They are the three most popular places to buy Disney gift cards. Here are the pros and cons of buying Disney gift cards a Target, Sam’s Club, and BJs Wholesale.

BJs Wholesale

You can purchase Disney gift cards at a 4% discount online through BJs Wholesale with no shipping fee. The easiest option is the $100 Disney gift cards for $95.99. You have to be an online member to purchase, which costs $10 a year.

Total discount with basic 2% cash back card – 5.9%

When You Should Use BJs Wholesale

When You Have a Membership – If you don’t have a BJs membership or don’t need one, the $10 online membership might not make financial sense.

When Wholesale Clubs Are a Rewards Card Bonus Category – Both the Chase Freedom and Discover it Cash card often include wholesale clubs in their bonus categories. The Discover it Cash has already released their 2018 calendar which includes 5% cash back in the first and fourth quarters.

When You Need Disney Gift Cards Quickly – Sometimes you can’t wait for the stars to align, you just need some discounted Disney gift cards quickly. If you combine the 4% savings on the gift cards plus 2% with a good cash back credit card, you’re doing better than the 5% discount with the Target REDcard which is another quick and easy option.

When You Need More than $5k in Gift Cards – BJs often offers extra discounts through the B2B department when you buy $5k or more in Disney gift cards. Typically the discount is around 7.5% on Disney gift cards plus credit card rewards. The best thing to do is call to find out if this offer is currently available.


Target doesn’t discount Disney gift cards, but there’s still a good way to save on them using the Target REDcard. It gives you a 5% discount on almost everything including Disney gift cards.

Total Discount with Target REDcard – 5%

When You Should Use Target

When You Don’t Want a Credit Card – Don’t want or can’t get a credit card? Target’s Debit REDcard links straight to your checking account and doesn’t do a credit check. You still get a 5% discount on Disney gift cards but don’t have to mess with using a credit card.

Sam’s Club

Prices on Disney gift cards at Sam’s Club tend to fluctuate a little. In-store prices can be different than online prices at times. Most commonly, you’ll see Disney gift cards at a 4% discount. One of the easiest options is the $500 Disney e-gift card online, which commonly sells for $479.99 or $484.98. Sam’s does typically limit the quantity of each gift you can buy. The $500 e-gift card is typically limited at two per purchase.

The only other downside to Sam’s Club is that you’ll need to be a member to make this purchase.

Total discount with basic 2% cash back card – 5.9%

When You Should Use Sam’s Club

When You Have a Membership – If you don’t have a Sam’s Club membership or don’t need one, the math just doesn’t work out; it won’t be a good deal when you include purchasing it.

When Wholesale Clubs Are a Rewards Card Bonus Category – When wholesale clubs are a bonus category, it can become a really lucrative deal. In addition, if Walmart is a bonus category, you could purchase Walmart gift cards and use them at Sam’s Club for Disney gift cards. Sam’s and Walmart are both owned by the same company and gift cards can be used interchangeably.

When You Can Get Discounted Walmart Gift Cards – You can use Walmart gift cards to purchase Disney gift cards at Sam’s Club. It’s not uncommon to find Walmart gift cards at a 2%-4% discount on a site like Raise. When you stack that discount onto the savings Sam’s offers on Disney gift cards, it can lead to a 6%-7% discount.

Note: Using gift cards to buy gift cards is an ever-changing policy issue with retailers. YMMV, so you might want to only do this if you can spend the gift cards on other items if you had to.

When There Is An Amex Offer – Sam’s Club will pop up in the Amex Offers program a couple times a year. Typically you’ll get around 10% back through American Express on top of the normal discount and credit cards rewards. Check our Disney Gift Cards page to see if there are any active Amex Offers.