Dead Deal: Using Dosh at Sam’s for Disney Gift Cards

A handy deal for saving on Disney gift cards is dead (at least for now). Dosh offered an extra 2% cash back at Sam’s on top of the 4%-ish discount Sam’s already offers on Disney gift cards. Now, they’ve changed it to $5 off a new membership. Wah Wah. But, there may be a bright side…

Staples Added to Dosh

Dosh has added 3% cash back to Staples with a maximum of $5 cash back per day. Staples currently has an Amex Offer for 10% off (on our Disney gift cards page), and it often has Chase Offers too.

The only possible downside is that the new Dosh deal for Staples specifically says no gift cards. However, we have a feeling, as with many Dosh deals, it will work for in-store purchases anyway.

It will take us a couple days to get over to Staples and test it out, but if any of our readers want to give it a try, we’d love for you to post your experience below.