Disney Gift Card Mother Lode – Get Ready to Save!

The holidays just keep getting better for those of us who love saving on Disney gift cards. In the last month we’ve highlighted some great Amex Offers at Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Office Depot. Now, Chase is getting in the mix with an offer to earn 10x at Best Buy when you use Chase Pay.


10x at Best Buy with Chase Pay

When you use Chase Pay to check out at a Best Buy, you’ll get 10x on up to $400 per account until December 24th. This means you could buy $400 in Disney gift cards and earn 4,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards on each of your Chase cards.

Here are promotional pages tied to this offer for the Chase Freedom, Chase Freedom Unlimited, and Chase Sapphire Reserve. We have not been able to track one down for the Sapphire Preferred yet. This is also being promoted by Best Buy.

Authorized users count toward the $400 cap per card. But, if you have multiple of these cards, you’ll have a $400 cap for each. For instance, we have two Chase Freedoms and a Chase Sapphire Reserve. So, we could purchase up to $1,200 Disney gift cards across those accounts and earn 12,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Best Buy My Rewards

You also earn My Rewards when you purchase gift cards. The amount you’ll earn varies based on your status in the program, but this will earn you another 1%-2%. Plus, you can typically use the rewards to purchase additional gift cards although YMMV.

Maximizing Ultimate Rewards

At a bare minimum you can redeem Ultimate Rewards for cash at one cent each. So this is at least a 10% discount plus Best Buy My Rewards. But, as we’ve outlined in our Chase Ultimate Rewards Strategy post, there are so many more valuable ways to redeem them.

We often redeem them for Disney Vacation Packages through our Sapphire Reserve for 1.5 cents per point. That would make this a 15% discount. You can also transfer them to Southwest Airlines where they’re worth about 1.6 cents each; a 16% discount. Finally, you can transfer to Hyatt where they’re worth about two cents each; a 20% discount.

Why Is This The Mother Lode?

We jokingly call this the mother lode because at a $400 cap per card, you have the option to purchase a large amount of Disney gift cards at a steep discount. Until now, we’ve had some really good Amex Offers, but the limits are usually $100-$200. If you’re like us and have three of these Chase cards, the opportunity to save 15%-20% on $1,200 in gift cards is really exciting!

Chase Pay

If you haven’t used Chase Pay before, just download the app. When opened it will walk you through the set up process using your online account log-in information.


If you’re thinking about applying for one of these cards, we’d love for you to use a link from our site. You can find these cards on the Popular Cards page.