Ultimate Rewards Strategy for Disney Gift Cards at BJs

Discounted Disney Gift Cards

Save up to 16.2% on Disney gift cards at BJs Wholesale! Purchasing Disney gift cards at BJs is one of our very favorite strategies right now. If you’re interested in other strategies for getting discounted Disney gift cards, you can read more posts in our series HERE.

One of the most important ways to save on a Disney vacation is by building a great credit card rewards strategy. At Points to Neverland, we’re devoted to helping you do just that. This post is a great example. We’ll show you how to use two complementary cards we highly recommend: Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Freedom.

You can save over $165 in cash and travel points on $1,020 in Disney gift cards, a total savings of 16.2%.  Here’s how:

Save on Disney Gift Cards

BJs Wholesale Club

First, a discount you can get with any credit card. This is one of the easiest ways to save on Disney gift cards. BJs Wholesale Club sells $100 Disney gift cards for $94.99. You do not need to be a member to purchase them. They recently stopped charging for shipping, so it’s a great time to buy them. We bought 10 in our example.

disney gift cards at bjs

Chase Freedom

We love the Chase Freedom. Erin and I each have one. This no annual fee card earns five points per dollar spent in rotating bonus categories each quarter. The bonus is capped at $1,500 spent per quarter. This means you can earn up to 7,500 points in the bonus categories ($1,500 spent x 5 points). In the fourth quarter this year, Chase is including all wholesale clubs. This includes BJs, Costco, Sam’s and others. In this case, we’re using our Chase Freedom at BJs for our gift cards purchase and earning 4,750 points ($949.90 x 5 points per dollar).

chase freedom calendar q4 2016

Tip: If there is more than one adult in your household, consider getting a second no annual fee Chase Freedom. This will double the cap on your quarterly bonus to $3,000.

Chase Sapphire Preferred

When you have the Chase Freedom alone, you earn points that can only be redeemed for cash. One point equals one cent. When you also have the Chase Sapphire Preferred (or someone in your household does), you can also transfer those points to eleven travel partners. These include Southwest Airlines, Hyatt, United, and others. The points in many of these programs are worth more than one cent each, so it increases the value of your points.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred is probably the single most recommended card for travel rewards. So, if you don’t have it, read our review.


Tip: Learn more about how to transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards to travel partners HERE.

Hyatt or Southwest Airlines

A Hyatt point is worth about two cents when you redeem for a free night at a Hyatt hotel. You’ve earned five points per dollar with your Chase Freedom card at BJs. Given the value of those points, you’ve effectively earned another 10% discount (5 points x 2 cents). There are many great Hyatt hotels you can find around Disney World and Disneyland, which you can find on our Hotel Maps page. Our favorites are the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress at Disney World and the Hyatt House Anaheim at Disneyland. Your 4,750 in points you’ve earned will be worth about $95 toward a free stay at Hyatt.

Ultimate Rewards Strategy for Disney Gift Cards

Tip: The Chase Sapphire Preferred comes with a sign up bonus worth up to 55,000 points. You can use the sign up plus the points earned with this strategy to cover an entire Disney vacation at a Hyatt Hotel.

Alternatively, you could use the points for flights on Southwest Airlines. Those points are worth about 1.6 cents each. Southwest uses the cost of the flight to determine how many points you’ll pay. Cheap flight=cheap on points. In our case, the 4,750 points we’ve earned buying Disney gift cards are worth $76 towards flights.

Freedom to Southwest Airlines

Tip: Southwest has no checked bag fees. This can save you a lot on a long family vacation.

Disney Vacation Account

The Disney Vacation Account is a free tool offered by Disney to help you save for a Disney vacation. You can set up automatic transfers into the account, track your progress saving for your vacation and more. You can even use it to consolidate your gift cards, a great tool for this example.

For every $1,000 you spend on a Disney vacation through your DVA account, Disney will send you a $20 gift card. Spend $2,000 and you’ll get $40 in gift cards. To receive the gift card, you need to have an active account for 120 days before you spend the money. Also, it will take them 4-6 weeks to mail your gift cards according to the website. We’ve got a DVA account active ourselves right now. We’ve found it to be a great tool.

Read more on our full Disney Vacation Account Review.

Summary: Disney Gift Cards at BJs

Here is a summary of what we’ve done and what we’ve saved:

  1. Purchased $1,000 in Disney gift cards at BJs Wholesale for $949.90.
  2. We used our Chase Freedom card to make the purchase. This earned five points per dollar spent (4,750 points).
  3. Transferred the points into our Chase Sapphire Preferred account and then on to either Hyatt (worth about $95) or Southwest Airlines (worth about $76).
  4. Consolidated our Disney gift cards in a Disney Vacation Account. This scored us another $20 Disney gift card.

When you put it together, we saved $165.10 in cash and points through Hyatt and $146.10 through Southwest Airlines. More importantly, the Chase Freedom/Chase Sapphire Preferred is a combination that can earn you huge volumes of points on all your daily purchases as well. If you haven’t read our Chase Freedom Review or Chase Sapphire Preferred Review, check them out and see if they might be the right fit for you.

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Chase Freedom

Apply Now

  • What kind of points: Cash
  • Sign Up Bonus: $150 after spending $500 in three months, and another $25 for adding an authorized user
  • Annual Fee: $0
  • How to Earn Points: 5% cash back up to $1,500 each quarter in rotating categories, 1% cash back on everything else
  • Value of a Point: 1.0 cents
  • How to Spend Points: Redeem for cash or combine with Chase Sapphire Preferred points
  • Our favorite Use: Combine with Chase Sapphire Preferred points and use for stays at Hyatt hotels