Save 9% on Disney Gift Cards at Target

Disney Gift Cards at Target

You might want to keep your Target REDcard in your wallet. There are better ways to save on Disney gift cards at Target. This post is going to outline a strategy to save almost 9% on Disney gift cards at Target using Target gift cards.

NOTE: As of June 18, 2018, Target is no longer allowing gift card for gift card purchases. This means this post is no longer applicable. You can read more about the Target Gift Card Policy Change.

Save on Disney Gift Cards at Target

The Target REDcard is great, but you can save more than 5% purchasing discounted Target gift cards. We’ll show you the best way to do this in order to maximize your savings on Disney gift cards.

1) Purchase Discounted Target Gift Cards

First, you need to buy Target gift cards at a discount. Gift Card Wiki is a helpful tool for showing you who is selling Target gift cards at the lowest price. We recently wrote a post explaining How to Use Gift Card Wiki.

It also includes charts that show historic rates as well. Over the last three months, the discounts on Target gift cards have been fluctuating between 6% and 8%.

Example: Let’s assume we purchase $1,000 Target gift card with a 7% discount. The total cost would be $930.

2) Use the Right Credit Card

When you purchase the Target gift cards, make sure you use a great rewards credit card. Credit card rewards are an important advantage over using the REDcard. If you use a 2% cash back card like Citi Double Cash, this is another discount layered on top.

Example: A 2% cashback card would save you $18.60 on your Target gift card purchase of $930. This would bring the total cost of your purchase down to $911.40. Other rewards cards may earn a little less or a little more.

3) Purchase Disney Gift Cards at Target with Target Gift Cards

Now, you’re going to use the Target gift cards you purchased to get Disney gift cards. Target has been changing its policies on the purchase of gift cards, restricting the ability to use Target gift cards to purchase Disney gift cards. We shared with you some Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Disney Gift Cards at Target we learned through trial and error. Bottom line, when paying with Target gift cards, purchase small quantities of Disney gift cards at a time and include something else in your purchase. We’ve had a 100% success rate following this rule.

4) Consolidate at

We recommend consolidating your gift cards at Each Disney gift card can have a maximum balance of $1,000. If you consolidate them, it will make things a little smoother when you pay.


Cost of Target Gift Cards Through Broker $930
Cash Back from Credit Card (2%) $18.60
Total Paid for Gift Cards $911.40

In our example, we purchased a $1,000 Target gift card for $930. With our cash back credit card, we earned 2% back, or $18.60. This brought the total paid down to $911.40.

Putting it all together, we spent $911.40 on $1,000 in Disney gift cards. This is a 8.86% savings. Anytime you can save almost 9% on the cost of a Disney vacation is a good day.

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