Don’t Fear the Fast Pass

The Planner

Every family has that person. The one who actually loves to plan. Your go to person for all trip details. For a Disney World vacation, with countless details, this person is worth their weight in solid gold. I’m not this person. Not at all.  My husband is. So, you can imagine my horror when I found out he would be out of the country the morning we had to register our family of ten for fast passes.

Registering for fast passes intimidates me. Now, he prepped me and equipped me with a color-coded excel spreadsheet (not kidding). But I still felt like this:

The Internet Can Be Lovely

Well, thanks to You Tube, I started to feel a lot better, confident even. I could do this! I probably watched this video ten times. It was so helpful.

I thought her explanation was so good and clear that I had to share it with all of you. With this video’s help, I was able to secure our fast passes, with very little anxiety. Hooray!

Worth Noting

60 days in advance: If you are staying at a Walt Disney Resort, you can register for fast passes 60 days before your trip. Our first day in the parks is July 2, so we were able to register May 2.

30 Days in advance: Not staying at the park? With a ticket or pass, you can register for your fast passes 30 days in advance.

7:00 am eastern: This is the time that you can start the fast pass process on the Walt Disney World site. Once on site, you click on the My Disney Experience button, enter your log in, and Voila! You can pick your fast passes. Being a West Coaster, this morning came early. Eek! However, I am so glad that I chose to log in right at 7 am eastern because there are so many new attractions this Summer (Hello, Avatar Land!). I noticed that even a little past 7 am eastern, some fast passes were already snatched up. I’m glad I set my alarm.

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