Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Disney Gift Cards at Target

Buying Disney Gift Cards at Target

Target is the most popular place to buy Disney gift cards. But their policy on purchasing gift cards has changed over time. So we wanted to share with you the Do’s and Don’ts of buying Disney gift cards at Target.

Don’t use Target gift cards to buy Disney gift cards.

In mid-June 2018, Target changed their gift card policy. You can no longer use Target gift cards to purchase Disney gift cards (or any gift card) in store or online.

Target regularly runs promotions in their Weekly Ad to get free Target gift cards. You can also get discounted Target gift cards through gift card brokers like Cardpool. Both of these were popular ways to get Target gift cards, which people then used to buy Disney gift cards. That loophole is closed although still great for saving on other purchases at Target.

Do use the Target Redcard for Disney gift cards.

The Target Redcard gets you an automatic 5% discount on basically any purchase at Target. This includes Disney gift cards. And, you can purchase them either online or in store. This is a really simple and easy way to save 5% on your Disney vacation.

Target offers both a credit and debit version. We recommend the Target Debit Redcard because it doesn’t require a credit check or go on your credit. It just links straight to your checking account.

Don’t purchase large quantities of Disney gift cards.

There is no cap when you’re buying Disney gift cards at Target with your Redcard. But, the larger the quantity of gift cards you buy, the higher the likelihood of a Target employee citing a non-existent policy that limits them. Although it’s sporadic, enough people purchasing large quantities of Disney gift cards at Target report problems that we limit ourselves to $500 in at a single trip. YMMV.

Also, you want to consider the credit limit on your Redcard. These can often be relatively low.

Do purchase Disney egift cards or physical cards.

You can purchase Disney egift cards online with your Redcard. When Disney first launched egift cards, you could not combine them with other Disney gift cards. This was a problem because if you’re saving for a Disney vacation, you want to consolidate your Disney gift cards. This policy has changed, so you can buy Disney egift cards online at Target and then consolidate them at at up to $1,000 per gift card.

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