Free Disney World Vacation

It may sound like a gimmick, but it’s not. You can get a free Disney World vacation using credit card rewards with just a little bit of planning. The free vacation we’ll outline is worth $2,316 and comes with the following:

  • 2 adult base tickets to Disney World for four days (value: $650)
  • 4 nights at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress (value: $1,296)
  • $370 cash to use for food

Free Disney World Vacation Plan

Step 1: Earning Cash for Tickets and Food

You need a great cash back card to help you cover the cost of tickets and food. We recommend the Discover it Cash Card which can earn up to 10% cash back. The card earns 5% cash back in rotating categories each quarter up to $1,500 spent. Discover doubles ALL cash back for new cardmembers at the end of their first year. So, if you maxed out all four category bonuses for the year, you’d end up with $600 cash back.

Discover it Cash Calendar 3Q

The card also comes with a $50 sign up bonus when you use one of our referral links, so that gets you up to $650 total cash back.

Finally, the Discover it Cash Card has a “Discover Deals” shopping portal. It includes tons of places you may already shop like WalMart. Use their shopping portals to purchase items online at and other stores and you’ll earn 5% cash back. Just like before, Discover doubles ALL cash back at the end of your first year. So, if you spend $3,500 shopping through these portals, you’ll earn another $350 cash back.

If you want to learn more about this card, check out our complete review. We’ve also written a more detailed explanation of this strategy HERE.

Finally, if you upload your $1,000 into a Disney Vacation Account, you can get another $20 Disney gift card.

Total Cash Back = $1,020

Step 2: Getting Points for a Hotel

Hyatt Grand Cypress BeachYou’ve earned enough cash back for park tickets and food. Now, you need to earn some points for your hotel stay. We recommend the Chase Sapphire Preferred. It comes with a sign up bonus of up to 55,000 points, which are transferable to eleven travel partners. Among them are Hyatt, Southwest, and United Airlines. In this case, you need to earn the sign up bonus and spend enough on the card to end up with 60,000 points. This will be enough for four free nights at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress near Disney Springs. This Hyatt is a four-star resort that averages $324 a night after taxes. Staying at a luxury hotel on vacation sure makes it that much more fun.

We’ve written a full review of the Chase Sapphire Preferred, and we’ve written a detailed explanation of this strategy HERE.

Final Thoughts

We’ve outlined how you can get a free Disney World vacation with two credit cards. One is a great cash back card and the other can cover your hotel stay. If you need flights as well, the Chase Sapphire Preferred also transfers to Southwest Airlines. Southwest has amazingly low fares on points compared to other carriers.

When you add it up, you signed up for two new credit cards and spent a total $14,500 on your everyday purchases. This got you $1,020 in cash and Disney gift cards as well as points for a free resort hotel for four nights. If you’re worried about getting two new credit cards, you could either stagger the applications by six months or you get one and have your travel partner get the other. However you do it, it’s a great way to get a free Disney World vacation.

Chase Sapphire Preferred

Apply Now

  • What kind of points: Hotels, Airlines, General Travel, and Cash
  • Sign Up Bonus: 50,000 after spending $4,000 in three months and another 5,000 after adding an authorized user
  • Annual Fee: $95 (waived first year)
  • How to Earn Points: 2x points on travel and dining, 1 point on everything else
  • Value of a Point: 2.0 cents
  • How to Spend Points: Redeem for cash, spend through Chase travel center, transfer to airlines or hotels
  • Our favorite Use: Stays at Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress