Great Deal on Disney Gift Cards at ShopRite

Chase is offering a special deal at ShopRite through February 4th. When you use Chase Pay at check out, you’ll earn 10x points on your Chase Ultimate Rewards credit cards up to $400 spent per card. Since ShopRite sells Disney gift cards, this would be a great way to earn tons of valuable Chase Ultimate Rewards.

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Disney Gifts Cards at ShopRite

We called two ShopRite locations. One had Disney gift cards. The other only had Disney Store gift cards. If you don’t live close, it would be good to call ahead and see if they have them in stock.

This offer allows you to earn 10 Chase Ultimate Rewards per dollar on Disney gift cards. At a bare minimum, that’s a 10% rebate if you redeem the points for cash. However, using a Chase Ultimate Rewards Strategy, you can get as much as two cents per point or 20% in value.

Chase Ultimate Rewards

Just a few weeks ago, we wrote a post called Chase Doubles Down on Mobile Pay and You Benefit. In it, we highlighted all the current bonuses and speculated that Chase would continue to push mobile pay promotions. Although it’s only the next example, it’s a good indication they plan to do just that.

If you love Disney, we highly recommend the Chase Ultimate Rewards credit cards. Combining the Sapphire Preferred and Chase Freedom might be the best entry level combination of cards for Disney vacations. With the Sapphire Preferred, you’ll get a great sign up bonus, the ability to transfer points to Southwest and Hyatt (among 11 others), and you can book Disney vacation packages with points.

With the Chase Freedom, you get a great no annual fee credit card with amazing rotating bonus categories. The points you earn on this card can be transferred to your Sapphire Preferred for the most valuable redemption options.

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